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🤍 Welcome to our store at Bantorget 8 You can also find our online shop at 🤍

Whoops is a creative store for environmentally conscious fashion individuals. Here you will find everything for both everyday and parties! If you are looking for a long dress or a fine dress, we have that too. With us you will find Danish fashion brands such as Object, Vila, and Only. You will also find other brands that are hot. Whoops has clothes for curious fashion-conscious women of all ages. Clothes carefully manufactured in high quality and durable at unbeatable prices. If you want help with the styling, the staff is there for you. Welcome in!

Bantorget 8
222 29 Lund
Tel: 046-136666


Måndag 10:00 -
Tisdag 10:00
- 18:00
Onsdag 10:00
- 18:00
Torsdag 10:00
- 18:00
Fredag 10:00
- 18:00
Lördag 10:00
- 16:00

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