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The Loop Talk – Gautam Ramdurai

Join us for Level Two’s premiere “Level Two Talk” featuring Gautam Ramdurai as our premiere speaker!

Start a journey of transformation with insights from Gautam’s global experience at Google and YouTube. Learn how to navigate complexities and drive success in today’s dynamic business environment.

Altitude Meetings are excited to launch Level Two Talks! Knowledge-sharing is at our core, and we’re committed to offering it freely. While Level Two will be in The Loop Lund within a year, we’re currently building networks and sharing inspiration throughout Lund.

Let’s kick off “Level Two Talks” together and unlock new possibilities for leadership and growth. Don’t miss out – secure your spot today!

Our first speaker is the amazing Gautam Ramdurai! Gautam aims to equip business leaders with tools for transformation for themselves and their teams. Drawing from his extensive experience at Google and YouTube, Gautam unveils two essential modes for leaders to navigate complexity effectively. He emphasizes leveraging culture as a compass and exercising judgment to reveal the strategic map. By understanding cultural context and actively steering outputs, leaders can align their organizations for success. Gautam underscores the importance of effective communication and global perspective in decision-making processes. Join us for this premiere of Level Two Talks to gain invaluable insights and unlock your leadership potential.

What? Level Two Talks
When? 08:00-09:00, May 15
Where? Amfi (Stadshallen, Stortorget 9, Lund)
Arranged by? Level Two by Altitude Meetings

Registration is free och charge!

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