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Storage – the next bottleneck in the transition to renewable energy! (ENG)

“Storage – the next bottleneck in the transition to renewable energy!”
with Jonas Birgersson

Jonas Birgersson is guest speaker for Project Energy Society at Get in The Loop at Stadshallen, September 22nd at 08h30!

The price of renewable energy is steadily going down, but the challenge of matching supply and demand at all times and in all weathers remains. Simultaneously, hydrogen, batteries, thermal inertia and other technologies for energy storage are developing rapidly and are particularly suitable for pilot projects in new developments like The Loop and Science Village. As part of Get in The Loop’s theme months, it is now the moment to focus on the innovative collaborations currently exploring new ways to make renewable energy production more predictable and reliable.

In the 1990’s, Jonas Birgersson became the Internet pioneer who promised “all the Internet you need at a low monthly fee”. He now claims the same trick can be done for electricity. Project Energy Society, develops a similar open standard like the Internet Protocol, but for electric energy. And just like two decades ago, this kind of paradigm shift means that existing business models and their stakeholders, are challenged.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear all the latest developments following last year’s launch of Project Energy Society and how you as a house owner, energy consumer or decision maker, can get involved.

Date: September 22, 2023
Time: 08:30-09:30 (free of charge! breakfast and coffee/tea will be served from 08)
Location: Stadshallen in Lund (Stortorget 9) Amfi

Free of Charge!

Welcome to a pre-opening phase of The Loop. We call it Get in The Loop by Vectura. During 2023 we will push humanity forward through talks, workshops, podcast episodes and art! Do not hestitate to contact us if you have any questions!

/ Vectura in collaboration with Altitude Meetings

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