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Melting Pot Comedy #39

Melting Pot comedy is back! Join us for our SEASON OPENER. International comedy with comedians from FIVE different countries. All in English. All for free! At our new venue for this month – Purgatorio!

Doors open 19:30. Come early, grab a beer and a good seat!

Joe eagan (Canada)
Twisted perspectives about life as a roaming Canadian lost in Europe for 20+ years. Charming in every sense of the word, a maple syrup mix of observational humour.

Rozarina Larsen (Malaysia)
Rozarina is an Asian female writer, stand-up comedian and an amateur actor based in Scandinavia. Her stage career began in Singapore, and has been performing at clubs across Europe and Asia. Follow her on FB and Instagram @rozarinaofficial

Madeleine Walderhaug (Norway/Netherlands)
Madeleine has been on the comedy stage for years, including gigs at Norra Brunnn and RAW comedy club in Stockholm, gigs in Germany and several shows at Lund Comedy Festival.

Erik Rosenstrale (UK)
Erik comes from the UK but has performed in Scandinavia for the last few years. He’s been in Sweden for half a decade and has a few things to say about how things are done around here. The only problem is – he isn’t taken seriously.

And our fearless rookie comedian: Ella Holttinen (Finland)

MC: Rob Allen (UK)
Rob comes fresh from hosting some of the biggest names in British Comedy during Lund Comedy Festival 2023.

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