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Collective amnesia

LICA#4 (May 15-20, 2024) disrupts dominant narratives through international artists. Their embodied stories unearth erased histories and challenge sanitized versions of the past. Ephemeral dance becomes a tool for reclaiming silenced voices and confronting suppressed narratives. The artists explore themes of forbidden expression and collective transformation, inviting us to co-create a future informed by diverse truths.

Welcome ceremony by the host, Rani Nair (Lund)

Rani´s work is represented at the Performing arts museum and Dance museum in Stockholm. Recurring thematics are archive and memory with a special interest in decolonial practices and postcolonial aesthetics. 

Performance Lecture by Dr Sandra Chatterjee (Kolkata/Munich)

Dancing out of time and place: memory and choreography in the South Asian diaspora in Continental Europe. Dr Chatterjee is a dancer, choreographer and researcher and will present the research work over Nyota Inyoka, one of many forgotten dancers in the 20th century. 

Performance Lecture by Denise Palmieri (Vienna)

Denise is a performance artist, curator and co-president of the Austrian Association of Women Artists (VBKÖ). In her role as a curator, she addresses the theme of the “politics of care” across diverse disciplines. Her responsibilities involve fostering an inclusive artistic community among queer-feminist artists. Palmieri will present her work together with the work of VBKÖ. 

Closing ceremony by Ray Roa Alonso (Copenhagen)

Ray is an Anglo/Filipino contemporary dance artist who has used his work to explore themes of social connections, fluid realities, queerness, and representation. Ray Roa will present an artistic reflection upon LICA#4 and point out LICA#5, taking place in 2025.

Long table conversation – welcoming the audience

Lund International Choreography Assembly (LICA #4; 15-20 May, 2024) is hosted by Embassy of Movement, a platform based in Skåne working with representation, community and diversity. It is a meeting place between theory and practice, caring for international artistic exchanges, guided by decolonial conviction and strategies. 

In collaboration with the International Dance Programme at the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Statens Kulturråd, Region Skåne, Lunds kommun, Skissernas Museum, Page 28, Riksteatern Lund, Dansalliansen, Danscentrum Syd.


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