Parking in Lund

If you arrive to Lund by car there are many good parking spaces in the centre, outdoor and indoor. After three pm there are also over a hundred parking spaces on the Mårtenstorget square right in the centre. The map below helps you to find the multi-story car parks and major car parks.

The local company Parkster has developed a parking app, which we are happy to recommend. See more below on this page. The app will guide you to Lund’s parking spaces, and you can also pay the fee directly in your mobile phone. No need to worry about cash or credit cards. It is handy as well as convenient.

Link to printer friendly map, pdf.

Parkster – Park With Your Mobile

Parkster is a mobile phone app which makes it easier, faster and cheaper to park in over a hundred car parks in Lund. Use it to see a map of all major central car parks, with additional info. Through a GPS search it will list the nearest car parks, and show you the way to them.

With Parkster you’ll always have a parking meter in your pocket, which knows where you are and what fee applies. It will help you to pay only for the time you are parked. You don’t need to know for how long you are to park, and you don’t risk to run out of parking time. Parkster is free of charge.


Getting started

  • Download the app
  • Register an account
  • Start parking




 Parkster Lund City